Collection of 4 Jersey War time newspapers

Collection of 4 Jersey newspapers from the occupation


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Collection of 4 Jersey newspapers from the time of the occupation.

The 4 Evening Post newspapers are dated as follows:

Wednesday October 21 1942
Friday October 8 1943
Tuesday May 2 1944
Thursday February 15 1945

Interesting historical items from the only part of the British Isles to be occupied by the Germans during World War 2. They give an insight into the news available at the time and life on the Island.

Notices including Food Control, Jam, Household soap and chocolate. The delivery of pigs, Tobacco returns and paraffin application forms. War news including an article attributed to Dr Goebbels, items for sale and wanted and a message from the Bailiff regarding flour and food parcels to be delivered by the SS Vega

Papers in generally good condition with some wear and tear given age but all very readable

Please select large letter at the checkout as the papers have all been folded in 4 at some point