Guernsey Court Terms 1942

Guernsey Court Terms 1942


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Guernsey Court Terms 1942

Whilst an interesting historical article in itself what makes this item particularly interesting is the perfectly legible pencil writing on the reverse.

Dated 1942 it is headed up Re Supplies for the Channel Islanders.

It goes on to say ‘In order to keep the population informed about the question of supplies and to stop injurious rumours the Commander of the Channel Isles has authorised the Evening Press to publish the following information:’

The message then continues what was presumably then published in the Evening Press

I have always wondered whether the message was copied from the Guernsey Evening Press or was it the original before it was published particularly given the document was printed by the Guernsey Press Co Ltd?

The card has been folded in half and then half again at some point and is torn in part down the centre fold and clearly shows signs of age

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